In 2002, Raí and Paul Velasco joined their skills to manage
the ‘Raí’ brand. The company was so successful that the two extended
their rewarding experience to other talents and areas.
Nowadays, the company provides for a range of brands: Raí, Zetti,
Magic Paula and Ruy Ohtake, managing not just the image, but the
various business necessities of these household names in terms of business
partnerships, advertising, corporate events, conferences and consulting.

Thanks to the great success of the Raí brand, the company
made two major leaps forward: the Sala Raí was launched, the corporate
box and events venue at Morumbi Stadium, followed by Raí Training, gym
training that draws inspiration from a range of exercises practised
in professional football, developed in conjunction with Cia Athlética and
Carlinhos Neves, former trainer of the Brazilian national football squad
who’s currently enjoying success at reigning Libertadores Cup
champions Atlético Mineiro.

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Raí+Velasco Site